Uhm... Hiiiii!!!!! I'm Mary. I guess that's the first thing I should say. I'm not sure what information to withhold because I'm saving most of the stuff about me for the about page. Okay, so the blue pill page is actually the first page I made in one class period as a joke for a friend. From there, it was so enjoyable to change it up every day that I realized I need to take this a bit more seriously, and that is what this page is for. What else should I say? I'm seventeen, from America, love sewing, rhythm games, EDM, 80s Metal/Rock, and cute things. Thank you for sticking around! Please check out the new Designs page! And thank you to Repth for the layout!

Update 7/22/22:

Uhh, hi guys! Yeah, I basically didn't update all summer. Basically, I picked up drawing and I also got what I believe is a vitamin B12 deficiency. For about a week, I could not use my hands at all. It still is extremely painful to use my hands for a long period of time and there are also further complications I'm experiencing. Maybe, and this is a hard maybe, I'll update more when school starts back and I'm killing time during class. However, my page has reached a point where it takes a fair amount of work for every change I make to the page. I won't abandon this though, trust me! I'll always update at least monthly!