Meeting Gaahl! June 22nd, 2024

I've been in Norway the past few weeks, and I've just returned. It was the best time of my life! I will eventually do an entire breakdown of my trip once I'm able to process some photos but for now, I'm going to talk about how I met my favorite metal vocalist!!! Gaahl used to be in Gorgoroth. He now owns an art gallery in Bergen, and you can just go there and meet him. He had closed it the few days I was in Bergen, so I only had the last day to see him. I was so nervous and barely slept the night before. When I walked in, my jaw had just dropped seeing him in person. He's always seemed more like a cartoon villian than a real person. Thankfully, there were a few other people there before me, so I eventually had the courage to go up to him. I gave him this charcoal portrait I drew of him. He unrolled it and said something like "...oh, it looks like me." His personality is really hard to explain. He seemed really.... unbothered? I mean, once you've been arrested twice for torturing people, I guess nothing causes much of a reaction anymore. But yeah, with that dark past of his, I was not expecting him to be so nice!!! I had complimented him on his new song, and we talked a bit about art. He shook my hand!!!! (I think that was his way of thanking me??) I bought a print of some of his artwork, and he told me about his upcoming projects. I was also shocked that my brother made him laugh by stating "I'm just the designated shirt holder." It was the best experience of my life! He was so polite and cool! I will be a lifelong fan.

All large art pieces you see on this page should be interactable. Scroll on the sticky note to read. The main thing I'm usually working on is adding more features like this to my site.

September 11th, 2023: I think I've fully adjusted to college life. I'm a better headspace for sure. Everything's back to normal. It was 100% because of the difficulty assimilating into this new life and desparately needing to leave my house.

September 3rd, 2023: It seems that both me and my roomate went through a really weird self-esteem drop that happened the first week of college. I was so nervous that I relied on the way I looked to others to get through the difficulty. Both me and my roomate were also just not used to being around THAT many people (30,000 students enrolled!). I'm in a better headspace right now, but my style has changed.

August 28th, 2023: Boy, I am not enjoying college and boy am I sure not happy and in a good headspace right now. Every little thing bothers me and I'm losing interest in the only things I like (that happens periodically, I know it isn't permanent.)

August 21st, 2023: I moved into my dorm a few days ago. It's weird getting settled here. I've been very busy, but now that my desktop is set up, updates will come soon! Today's my first day of class, and I have a bit of time beforehand to update a few little things.

August 7th, 2023: Yeah, I don't really know what to put here. This isn't really a blog post, as I'm going to try to make blog posts about project updates. This here will be for my personal mood. I'm really struggling getting ready to leave home. There's also a lot of terrible stuff happening in my family right now, and I don't really want to be alive currently. I'm just doing stuff like this to not think about it.

Graphics Update and Pachislo. May 13th, 2024

Finally! Those graphics needed a bit of a refresh. It's finally summer! The first thing I knew I wanted to do was to play my grandmother's Pachislo machine. I'm not going to go super into depth Hehere, because I might make a youtube video about it. So anyways, this was a big part of me and my brother's childhoods. It was probably the first example of something contemporary Japanese we ever saw. My grandmother had lost the key for the past few years, but she found it. When we opened it, we found that a literal mouse had been living inside it! Very gross. It also decided to chew exactly two wires. There's hundreds in the machine, but it just attacked those two. It could have been much worse. I did a total cleaning of the inside, and my brother fixed the wire, so it works nearly perfectly now. Of all Pachislo machines I've seen, this is probably the coolest looking and with the oddest theme. I might incorporate some of the art into my website. Again, not going too in depth here. I will absolutely talk about this some more later.

Massive update coming in about a month! April 23rd, 2024

Hi guys, I've really been bankrupt of creativity these past 7 or so months.Here Starting college was super rough for me. I've been super busy, and developed severe insomnia. The people that live above me have been constantly waking me up. This time has just kinda sucked in general. Enough excuses, since it's been a year since I updated the graphics/layout of this site, I will be doing something similar at the start of summer. I'm very happy with the color scheme. Despite my music taste, I don't want to make this site black and scary, lol. So, yeah, I will be making more major updates once I gain back a creative spirit. I have about two weeks of class left. The image I've posted here is of something really cool I got! It's an unreleased photo of Darkthrone circa 92/93, signed by my favorite satanic mailman, Fenriz! First off, it was super hard to even get it to begin with, because there's only 55 of them, and it had to coem from Norway. Unfortunately, that's why it's folded. Anyways, I got it from Euronymous' record store, Neseblod, which CAUGHT ON FIRE like a week ago! The poster itself is so cool, that I figured it wouldn't look right in a normal frame. My dad and I go to the store, and he picks out this HUGE, gaudy, fancy-ass frame you see here. When the lady pulled out the picture from the back, my jaw just dropped! It's easily one of the best things I own now. Look forward to some actually good updates now!

I'm not dead! April 2nd, 2024

I'm not going to provide any excuse for not updating. I've just really been trying to focus on schoolwork and really haven't done anything interesting.I've just been reading and drawing when I have the time. I listen to a lot of Death and Black Metal. I'm also prepping for a trip to Norway this summer. Here's some of the things I've drawn and a picture of me riding one of the family's horses last week. Not much interesting to say, and there won't be until I finishs this semester.

Picking Up Drawing Again. February 9th, 2024

I'm going to update now, because I know I will forget if I don't do it today. Anyways, yeah, my classes are asking me to do a very insane amount of reading. Some days, I read like 70 pages. I've had so little time. The worst thing, however, is that my insomnia has become terrible. I only get good sleep 2 or 3 work days. I literally sit in my bed for 4-5 hours. I've also been the saddest I've ever been in my life. The only thing that has kept me okay this past month has been drawing. If any of you are familar with my other work, you'll know that my arms are super sensitive and I stopped drawing for a while because it hurt them too much. However, I decided to try charcoal, and not only am I super happy with the results, but it's really easy on my hands. I plan on drawing all of the iconic Gorgoroth lineup and framing them in my room. More updates soon.

Christmas Break Shennanigans. January 25th, 2024

Probably should have put this sooner, but here's a few funny things I've done as of late. My friend and I both really like Lolita fashion, so we wore it around in public because funny. Here's us in a Popeye's. We obviously got questioned by people who thought we were in some kind of Christmas play. At first we just said that we're weird, but then we decided to tell them that we're in a play we made up called "Can't Stand This Love". It's about a man with no legs whose wife is a professional dancer and she keeps trying to get him to dance when he physically cannot. The other funny thing that happened is that apparently the vikings went down the Mississippi river like a thousand years ago. They left these markings on a rock like 30 minutes from where I live (It's kinda hard to see, you'll have to blow this image up to see it). The rock was enclosed in this poorly maintained building, and it looked so cool and evil! There's 3 buzzards that live in the room with the rock, which is just awesome! Everything was perfect black metal album cover material! I will try to update more consistantly. Starting school back up is always rough!

Halloween and Metal. November 14th, 2023

My bad! I thought I updated on Halloween. I haven't had much time to sew this semester, but I told myself that I'd make my Halloween costume to showcase my sewing skills to some people on campus. That kept me occupied most of October. Unfortunately, it was like 20 degrees F (-6.66 degrees C, lol) and my costume is not weather friendly. What I ended up doing was wearing warm clothes in between classes and changing inside the buildings. Got quite a few comments on it, including my professor who said she admired my dedication. Other than that, I've REALLY gotten into metal. It's been like this for about a half year now, but I don't really care much for Kpop anymore. Don't get me wrong, I still love NCT, but I'm just really bored of the current Kpop scene. Nothing that has released in the past two years has been good other than a few excpetions. The fashion style is also super boring. The genre isn't distinct from western pop anymore. Anyways, none of this really bothers me because I exclusively listen to metal now. What does that mean for this site? Probably nothing. Gonna talk a bit more about metal albums, but the aesthetic won't change. I'm not a big fan of dark imagery, at least when it comes to representing me. I still (and always will) love cute things and think Jopping is hilarious. I'm also working on some more graphics. I'll update soon, and I'll post the project notes for my Reimu cosplay.

Responsibility. December 6th, 2023

Hmmm... as a person of color, strong supporter of LGBTQ+ rights, and leftist, I didn't think I'd have to clarify this, but yeah, I obviously don't support any nazi ideology in black metal. Again, anyone that remotely knows me would never doubt that, but it's sorta my fault if I don't clarify it somewhere. As an Asian and female black metal fan, I'm really at the outside of the "fandom" of sorts (never even talked to another fan). I'm not a lyrics person, nor do I really define myself by a particular subculture. I think it's very possible to separate the art from the artist in terms of Black Metal (Unless it's literally in the lyrics). I love joking about all the black metal dudes, but I obviously don't support any person or their ideas. With that said, it's some damn great music.

Death Grips fans try not to ruin concert challenge: Level Impossible. October 18th, 2023

Okay, to clarify, I'm not a super big Death Grips fan, but my brother and I both like their music a lot, and they were going to be at a fairly small venue in our college town. I accidentaly got an extra ticket, so I brought our cousin with us. Very cool band to see live. Music is 10x more enjoyable live. One thing I wasn't expecting is for them to just immediately come on stage and play song after song with no breaks or talking. Anyways, towards the end of the set, some idiot threw a glowstick a few feet away from Ride. He obvs got mad and threw his mic on the ground. He then stepped off stage during the middle of a song and stopped rapping. He then came back, the band was playing, but he was just standing there silently. Someone threw a glowstick and water bottle AGAIN and I think Ride and Zach got hit this time. Ride went back, told them to quit, and they just left. I don't even know if it was DG fans or just some college kids wanting to rave and being stupid, IDK. Either way, it's been weird to be part of something like this.

Getting more shrimp! October 3rd, 2023

Honestly, between my betta Megatron, the ghost shrimp, and snails, the shrimp have been my favorite so far. Last week, I saw Megatron get brave enough to try to attack one of the ghosties, so I decided that he was going to have to have his own tank. This took a load of stress off of me, and also allowed me to get more shrimp! Due to the fragility of this species, I had two pass away, but there's ten in my tank right now. A couple shrimp might have babies in a few weeks, so I'm really excited. Megatron has his own tank in my dorm's common area now. My roommates really like him too, so all's well. I've been super busy lately writing papers and prepping to go back home. My birthday's this Friday!

Getting into husbandry. September 17th, 2023

This has been my primary focus for the past few weeks! After getting Megatron, I knew I had to make him a better tank. I've started raising some plants, and made him a self-sustaining tank. It took about a week before I could put him in because I was getting my plants situated, but I just put him in on the 15th. When I did so, I also added two ghost shrimp, three nerite snails, and a neon yellow cherry shrimp... Unfortunately, I looked over to see the yellow shrimp swimming around, and I saw Megatron swim up and bite his tail. Fortunately, I ran over quickly enough to grab a net and get Megatron to let go of the poor shrimp. I put Megatron in jail (in the form of this measuring cup, lol) and tried to see if the shrimp would make it. For a few hours, he just kinda limped around and couldn't swim anymore. I did everything I could to save him, even setting him up a separate portion of the tank, but he unfortunately didn't make it. Megatron doesn't bother the ghost shrimp, though. I cried a bunch yesterday, but now I at least know he isn't compatible with cherry shrimp. Fly high, Bolt. 9/15/23-9/16/23.

Short Little Update! September 11th, 2023

Just a few things to keep a weekly update! I have a big blog post coming soon, and will also alter a lot of the art and themeing on this site. Megatron is doing good. I'm working on fixing up his tank right now. It's going to be about another week before I can put him in his new environment. The way package pickup works at my university is kinda stupid. You can't pick up packages on Saturday, but there's a small window where you can on Sunday. You have to get an email from the front desk before you can pick it up. I got a notification from the website I ordered from that my albums were delivered on Saturday at 1. I went to pick it up during Sunday, but they never sent me an email. I had to get it today at about 11... almost 48 hours after it arrived, just sitting a few feet behind the desk... Oh well, I guess that's what made me lucky, because I pulled this Jaemin photocard that sells for like $50 already!!! I've bought some cards that were worth a whole lot, but I've never had a pull this lucky before! Big site update coming soon! Also, thanks to my bro for the gamer keyboard.

I Got a Fish! September 5th, 2023

As soon as I read that you were allowed to have a fish in the dorms, I knew I had to get one. Fish are actually my favorite animals. My dad built his own tank (literally by gluing glass together) so I guess it's in my blood. Anyways, I liked his coloration. I had no clue what to name him, but for some reason, "Megatron" just felt right (I've never watched transformers). I'm super attatched to him already, and he's definetely going to be my motivation to get through school. He's taken to his new home well, but I think the food I got him is too big, so I did a bunch of research and am sending my roommate to get him some different food later today. I feel really bad for this, but after I got him, I went out to eat with my family... at a sushi place. I brought him in and the staff loved him, but it felt a little cruel, lol.

Getting Abandoned at the Mall! September 2nd, 2023

I haven't really done much for fun since I arrived at my dorm. It's a very difficult town to drive in. However, I recently discovered that the transit system takes you to the local mall. It's a pretty terrible mall, but last time I was there, I saw these really cool sunglasses I wanted because they reminded me of the sunglasses Taeyong wears with this outfit I've seen many lovingly refer to as his "Pimp Outfit". Anyways, I told myself that once I got settled down, I would go to the mall and get them as a reward. That day was yesterday. I got on the bus and arrived at the mall, which was full of cars! I got off the bus... then I realized. The mall didn't open until 11 AM. It was 9:30 AM. The reason people were already here was because there was a gym already open. Waiting for the bus to come back would be another 50 minutes at least. I asked myself, "Do I really want those sunglasses?" The answer, eventually, was yes. Thankfully, I had my 3DS with me, as well as my phone and headphones. There are these weird places in the parking lot where there's just a little sidewalk surrounded by trees, so I sat at one... for an hour and a half. Yeah. It was embarassing, but I'm glad I stayed.

Blogs Have Changed! August 28th, 2023

Since I'm getting to the point where I don't have many more pages left on this site to completely overhaul, I decided to split the blog pages up so I can have a more interesting and infrequent one for projects and this one for semi-daily random stuff. I will try to avoid complaining in the main posts here, whereas the scrolling box on the left beneath the status is for that purpose. So yeah, first thing I'll put here is that I recently got Blahaj for our dorm. He's supposed to be a communal shark for all of us, but I got really attached to him. EDIT: I literally changed the blogs back 5 days later because it messed with mobile support.

April 24th, 2023

A lot of things are happening. I only have about two weeks of school left, and I graduate in less than a month. Sorry for slow updates. I'm in a very difficult point in my life and I haven't been creative enough to make too many changes to this site. I finally deleted Twitter today and it was very freeing. I only got it to begin with because I was looking for live updates about whether or not Taeyong was going to be at the American NCT 127 shows. I've seen a lot of awful things on the bird app, but my final straw was seeing some sasaengs call Taeyong and leak his home address on a Twitter Space. I've never once posted a single thing on Twitter, but I saw some of the worst things imaginable. Hopefully this will improve my mental health a bit. I saw NCT Dream in Dallas! I was like 30 feet away from the stage, so I was kinda living in the moment and didn't get as many pictures as I did with 127. I'll upload a few things in the gallery, though! I can tell my mental state is probably going to get a bit better, so expect some more updates.

March 27th, 2023

I should probably mention this somewhere. I started this website in my computer science class my Junior year of HS because I had so much free time. The reason it's all rebranded and the url is because of Jopping. I got brave enough to start inside jokes in my calculus class, and I have made jopping a class joke. I was telling my teacher "I'm absolutely getting" and I did! Mostly this website exists because of that joke, but I also like working on this thing during class instead of being productive. I'm kinda stuck right now on what to add or change. Also, I saw Kang Daniel a few weeks ago! I had REALLY good seats and I'm pretty sure he made a heart at me. Epic concert.

February 3rd, 2023

Man, I understaned why so many sites fall by the wayside. It's hard to make changes because I feel like I could always do something better. Almost made a site button, but I just feel like I'll change my mind and make a better design. In other news, I've gone to school like 3 days in the past two weeks because it snowed and then iced.

January 21st, 2023

So I saw NCT 127 last week. Best day of my life! I was freaking out worrying that Taeyong wasn't going to make it because he got on the plane so late, so I built up all this hype around him and that's all I could think about leading up to the concert. He was so amazing live that he completely bias-wrecked me. I was so dedicated to Renjun. Taeyong is all I can think about now.

January 12th, 2023

So, I'm going to see NCT 127 tommorow, and my calc teacher suggested I carry a huge sign that has my website name, so I'm hurrying to get this website into a usable form!