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Hi!!! I'm the Joppmaster Webmaster. You can just call me Mary! Here you'll find a few things about me. You'll quickly learn that I don't understand containers and padding all too well, but I'm making improvements very quickly. I bet you're wondering what Jopping is. Basically, it's when you're jumping and popping at the same time. A dance move. Most importantly, it's also a song by the group SuperM, which is made up of NCT, EXO, and SHINee members. I kinda started an inside joke about it in my calculus class and I was like "What if I bought" So I did, and the rest is history!!

I don't want to say too much about myself, because I'm saving most of it for the about page. Some basics are that I'm 18, from the United States, and go by She/Her. I'm Wasian, like metal and NCT, play DDR and Pump It Up alot, and I like drawing and sewing.

Graphics Update and Pachislo. May 13th, 2024

Finally! Those graphics needed a bit of a refresh. It's finally summer! The first thing I knew I wanted to do was to play my grandmother's Pachislo machine. I'm not going to go super into depth Hehere, because I might make a youtube video about it. So anyways, this was a big part of me and my brother's childhoods. It was probably the first example of something contemporary Japanese we ever saw. My grandmother had lost the key for the past few years, but she found it. When we opened it, we found that a literal mouse had been living inside it! Very gross. It also decided to chew exactly two wires. There's hundreds in the machine, but it just attacked those two. It could have been much worse. I did a total cleaning of the inside, and my brother fixed the wire, so it works nearly perfectly now. Of all Pachislo machines I've seen, this is probably the coolest looking and with the oddest theme. I might incorporate some of the art into my website. Again, not going too in depth here. I will absolutely talk about this some more later.

Older posts are on the Blog page!

All large art pieces you see on this page should be interactable. Scroll on the computer monitor, board, and clipboard to read and click the TV to play. The main thing I'm usually working on is adding more features like this to my site.

Update May 13th, 2024: Graphical update, art, and blogpost

Update May 11th, 2024: First phase of graphical update

Update April 23rd, 2024: Blog post

Update April 2nd, 2024: Blog post and added some stuff on the Art page

Update January 25th, 2024: Blog post, finished music page, and general update

Update December 30th, 2023: Added Music page and general update

Update November 26th, 2023: Graphical and general update

Update September 30th, 2023: Graphical changes

Update September 3rd, 2023: Changed blog back and altered tiles on homepage

Update August 29th, 2023: Created personal and project blogs

Update August 18th, 2023: Added new project blog post

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Update August 7th, 2023: Redesigned blog page and integrated theme on all pages

Update July 31st, 2023: Added 2 rows to homepage and added more to About page

Update July 30th, 2023: Completely redesigned About page

Update July 21st, 2023: I am so happy! I had an epiphany about how much people liked the old color scheme and artstyle of an old version of my website, so I finally solidified a nice style and was able to implement it. So yeah, complete redesign of my site!

I'm honestly not looking forward to any particular piece of media releasing other than Persona 3 Reloaded. Even then, I'm more excited about Persona 6. P3 is my favorite in the series, though, so I'm still super pumped.

Making a Cosplay for Halloween

I've very much lost interest in cosplay for the past three or so years, but it would be ridiculous for me to not showcase my sewing skills on campus for Halloween. In terms of Reimu, I just kinda listen to Touhou music in rhythm games. I don't have a whole lot of supplies or space in my dorm, so Reimu was something very doable in a short amount of time. The only pattern I had to design was the collar shape. The rest of it was super easy. I did it without drafting to get it done as fast as possible. Ending up looking really cool, and was one of my cheapest projects.

Other projects

Finally Sewing Something Again

While I've made several stuffed animals, a lolita dress, and various small things this summer, I never ended up making a full design until the very end. Initially, I became obsessed with this purple jacket you see here, but I couldn't find any material that I liked enough to continue it. Ironically, the two best designs I have made were created while waiting for materials to make other jackets I never ended up making. This one is the same

NCT 127 wear these jackets for "Kick It", and they are red in the music video (you can even see Taeyong wearing one on the bottom of this page). However, I already have a red bomber jacket, so I decided to make this yellow varient they wear for a few stage performances. I opted to use a raincoat material, because it was the best shade of yellow I could find, as well as a decent material. Plus, I have a bad tendency to make things not very weather-friendly. I initially ordered a snake-skin vinyl online. However, when it arrived, it had all these cancer warnings on it and was plastic wrapped on a roll. I made the decision to throw it away. Because I needed a really small amount of the fabric, I just found a snake-skin shirt on Amazon and cut it up. The snaps were a pain to put on, as I've never done it prior, but I much prefer the look of snaps as opposed to zippers on jackets. I made sure to use a nice, heavy lining to make the jacket warm. This is undoubtedly one of the best things I've made.

Making a Custom Stuffed Animal (July 18th, 2023)

I'm sure you've seen the little character on my website. Basically, it's a fanmade character for the idol Taeyong of NCT, which my website is dedicated to. Tyongya, the character, is pretty much exclusively in plush form. It's hard to get them overseas, especially the full size ones. The 10cm ones go for like $50 or so here!! I really like to pride myself in the fact that I believe I can make anything if I want to, so I figured I would just make a stuffed animal of him from scratch. Here's that process, and it actually ended up being really funny.

Despite having a pretty extensive knowledge of drafting jackets, traditional clothes, and skirts, I did not have any knowledge of stuffed animal making. I understood the basic process of making darts, but that was it. I figured that once I got the shape right for the head, I could just slighly alter it for the body. Well, after sewing the first pattern, I think I laughed until I cried. The long one you see here was the first attempt. The next few attempts still looked like Family Guy characters. Eventually, the got less footballish and I got close to what I wanted. Next was the body. I had a rabbit stuffed animal pattern already, and I figured I could use a similar body shape. Unfortunately the weight of the head made it so he was unable to sit up on his own. I experimented a few times with leg and arm lengths and had a growing collection of Tyongya husks on my ground, but I got the pattern finalized and made him! I also made him a purple hoodie, and that was its own challenge, because he doesn't have shoulders, ha ha.

All large art pieces you see on this page should be interactable. Scroll on the computer monitor, board, and clipboard to read and click the TV to play. The main thing I'm usually working on is adding more features like this to my site.

The webmaster has been listening to...

Like an Everflowing Stream
Old School Swedish Death Metal

I'm extremely picky about Death Metal. For me, it has to have some good riffs instead of just being mosh music. This has got great riffs and tone. Might see them in August.

I'm certainly not good enough to compete, but I really enjoy it and am good enough to impress someone who knows nothing about DDR.

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