I kinda just have to put some stuff down here real quick to keep the layout from breaking. I should probably mention that I used a bit of reference from Repth's templates because I don't understand padding and containers that well. Most of the graphics are mine.

Hi!!! I'm the Joppmaster Webmaster. You can just call me Mary! Here you'll find a few things about me. You'll quickly learn that I don't understand containers and padding all too well, but I'm making improvements very quickly. I bet you're wondering what Jopping is. Basically, it's when you're jumping and popping at the same time. A dance move. Most importantly, it's also a song by the group SuperM, which is made up of NCT, EXO, and SHINee members. I kinda started an inside joke about it in my calculus class and I was like "What if I bought Jopping.net?" So I did, and the rest is history!!

I don't want to say too much about myself, because I'm saving most of it for the about page. Some basics are that I'm 18, from the United States, and go by She/Her. I'm Wasian, like metal and NCT, play DDR and Pump It Up alot, and I like drawing and sewing.

Please support Taeyong's solo debut!!!!

He has credits for writing/composing all of his b-sides and owns the copyright on his album. I have never seen a more personal release and he put so much thought into how each part of the album represents himself. Also, be sure to check out my latest project. The reason I got distracted from this website is because I was making the stuffed animal mascot of my website from scratch. I was also sewing a lolita dress and the only reason I'm updating the site today is because I gave myself tendonitis from sewing too much, lol.

I'm always working on some sort of project, and I'll keep the most recent project on the homepage here. Older projects will be on the blog page. If you want to check out my art or other things I've sewn, check out the art and designs pages, respectively. Thanks for stopping by!!